New Beginnings of Tampa runs a large Transitional Housing and Homeless Recovery Program that provides unaccompanied women, men and young adults over the age 18 with a safe place to live and an individualized, gender-responsive program of guidance and job training programs to help them stabilize their lives. A large percentage of our clients are U.S. Veterans, persons who have bravely served their country.

New Beginnings of Tampa is a Non Profit 501(c)(3).

When people enter the program, their most immediate needs are for shelter, food and/or clothing. Once here, they begin to address other issues that may have contributed to their homelessness: mental or emotional health issues, substance abuse, confinement or probation within the judicial system, family and other relationship issues and/or the inability to maintain employment. The people who come to New Beginnings of Tampa are highly vulnerable, economically, physically, psychologically and socially.



For those with substance abuse and/or mental health problems, there are counselors who meet with you and referrals are also made to other appropriate agencies. Our Transitional Housing Program can serve over 100 Men, Women, and Young Adults.

New Beginnings of Tampa also offers emergency housing for up to 50 people on a daily and weekly basis located at 8535 North Nebraska Avenue. Admission to our programs depends on availability. For more information about our programs, please contact us at 813-971-6961.


New Beginnings of Tampa