New Beginnings of Tampa instills in people that they are somebody


“These people (homeless and addicts), when they come in we treat them as if they’re family.”

 “We treat them with love, respect, kindness.” “We love them, they are just as valuable as the next person on the street.”

 “A lot of them, their family has given up on them. Their family, everybody, they treated them like they’re nothing.” “We bring them in and we treat them like they are somebody.”

 “This not just a program. This is peoples’ lives at stake.This is peoples’ lives getting turned around when their families have given up”


Public comment at Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting – Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Citizens concerned for New Beginnings of Tampa express their public views and opinions regarding pastor Tom Atchison and the New Beginnings of Tampa Recovery Program and Emergency Shelter.

You can watch this meeting in its entirety at:

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