“Strings Attached “by Hobson should have been titled “Florida needs more Ex-biker Gang Leaders”


Florida needs more Ex-biker Gang Leaders

A letter to the Tampa Bay Times by Sam Hamontree of Riveriew, FL  


The Tampa Bay Times front page investigation of New Beginnings is an aggressive attempt to stop one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in Florida.  Last month I had the opportunity to meet 10 of the gentlemen from New Beginnings and listen to some of their tragic stories.  All of the gentlemen had been homeless and drug addicts.   They were also previously in public and private rehabilitation centers which all failed to help their recovery despite being in certified facilities, with educated, trained, and qualified professionals.  These rehab centers cost ten of thousands of dollars per individual per stay which are absorbed by the taxpayers and family savings.  The unfair employment and indentured servitude issue is a smoking mirror.  The men are not employees, willing to submit eligible work, project, and welfare income to subsidize their living costs, and can leave at will.


   Prior to Mr Hobson’s three page investigation with information from a former disgruntled worker, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an 18 month investigation with NO charges or findings of criminal wrong doing of Pastor Tim Atchison or New Beginnings.  I am sure Mr Hobson spent more time and resources than the FDLE to uncover how a Pastor on an $ 18,000 income and lavish $800 rent with an ex-biker gang leader and rehab volunteers can run one of the most effective rehab centers in Florida with ZERO cost to the taxpayers.  The most “Dubious Credentials” are Hobson’s investigative skills.  Berean Bible College (which is online) IS based in Missouri and there ARE others in Colorado and California.  (Independently Googled Verified)


     Why did the Tampa Bay Times investigate the New Beginnings to stop one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in Florida?  Was it due to connections to the upcoming $1.6M contract or is it the use of Christianity in their success program?  Don’t misunderstand me; Hobson’s article did uncover wrong doings and financial exploitation*.  Fortunately I have cancelled my subscription to the Tampa Bay Times to prevent further crimes.


Sam Hamontree III

Riverview, FL

*Hamontree’s comment about “wrong doings and financial exploitation” was in reference to Hobson’s investigative reporting and Hamontree’s paid Tampa Bay Times subscription, and NOT intended towards New Beginnings of Tampa.

Hobson has made many false, unfounded, and damaging accusations about New Beginnings of Tampa.  New Beginnings of Tampa is a small non-profit organization and operates on a much smaller financial budget than most organizations. We would like to ensure the public as a small non-profit we are doing our utmost best to have great practices and bookkeeping that is sufficient enough for the most scrutinizing reporter.

Homelessness and drug addiction is a real problem in our country. Please contact us or your local authority to find out how you can help.

New Beginnings of Tampa


A Letter to Commissioner Kevin Beckner

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