New beginnings gave me the structure I so sorely needed. I have been clean and sober for over six and a half years.

February 2009 was the worst month of my life. My mother had died after a long battle with heart disease. I had just been discharged from my job , due to my alcoholism, and my world was coming down around me.


My Ex-wife, family, and everyone else had given up on me, and probably so had I. I prayed and then GOD lead me to New Beginnings. God put pastor Tom Atichison (PT) in my path He told me I was in the right place to find the solitude I needed. He told me it was a work therapy program, I would have to work around the property for 90 days, there was no discussion of how I would pay my way. It was never important to New Beginnings they wanted me to recover from my 30 year battle with alcoholism.

New Beginnings gave me the structure I so sorely needed. I have been clean and sober for over six and a half years.

I also received the funding from New Beginnings to received a Birth Certificate, Social Security card, Florida Id and have been reunited with my Daughter,Family members all due To Pastor Tom, Miss Ginny and New Beginning’s staff.

The falsehoods represented By the uninformed reporters (Will Hobson and the Tampa Bay Times) that want to sell papers rather than give the simple truth That New Beginnings of Tampa is a FAITH based LIFE RECOVERY program that works without a person’s financial situation or government funding coming in to their recovery.

I know people can’t comprehend a program That actually  cares about their clients rather than the bank account of the program.


Jeremy Bowen


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