If not for New Beginnings of Tampa I would not be alive today

If-not-for-New-Beginnings-of-Tampa-I-would-not-be-alive-today-New-Beginnings-of-TampaPastor Tom,

Before I was Blessed with being lead to New Beginnings I remember standing on a bridge in Ruskin about to jump, because all of my family had passed away one by one within a two year period of time. Shortly since this happening I lost my Faith in God, my direction, and my hope, I gave up on life and living.

After a short time of not going to Church where I had fellowship with others who live for the Lord, and going to A.A. where I also addressed my Alcohol addiction problem and found strength, I then soon started drinking again, and now my problems were worse.

I truly felt lost and alone for the first time in my life. I started having thoughts of taking my life and planning it. One night I found myself standing on a bridge in Ruskin ready to give up and jump. I could not do it only because my belief in God, and Jesus Christ being my Lord and Savior did I at the last moment have a change of heart about jumping off of that bridge, and instead went to a friend and shared my feelings about what I was going through and about to do. He called 911 and in turn I was Baker Acted where I was sent to North Side Mental Health Center for help.

I did not know where to go from there, they could not help me, except to give me pills and again I was at a feeling of hopelessness and thinking about suicide again. One of the Techs there told me about New Beginnings of Tampa and said it was a wonderful Faith Based Life Recovery Program that they could help me. I called and was set up with an appointment and interviewed and welcomed with open arms.

I want to express to you the greatest of thanks for what New Beginnings has done for me and continues to do each day. Because of New Beginnings I rededicated my Life to my Lord and Savior, I have direction and the greatest of hope. I have support here and people who understand what I feel, they are full of love and compassion.

This is my home now, as well as my family. This is where I am loved and cared for and all of my needs are met. People are saying some very wrong things about New Beginnings and are being mislead, they are not true. I have never been forced to work doing anything, but instead asked if I wanted to go to help out at the warehouse or to rake some leaves up to keep the property nice, or to go to the stadium to help out which honestly was really enjoyable, because I got to watch the games.

I never mind volunteering with out hesitation because it’s part of my recovery to help out and do my part because this is my home for now, until I get myself together, find a job, save money and step back out on my own where I can handle things. I worked harder before I came to New Beginnings just trying to make ends meet and pay my bills. Here all my needs are met and only asked to help out a few hours a day if that and focus on my recovery and growing in the Lord.

I want to express my deepest sincerity when I say thank you for helping me the way you have and New Beginnings because if not for New Beginnings of Tampa I would not be alive today. So thank you so much for saving my life, but also saving my soul. God Bless You and New Beginnings for everything you do and continue to do for not only me but, all of the Brothers here.


Kenneth Engelthaler


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