My prayers are with New Beginnings and Pastor Tom


I was Marchman acted to detox and a rehab facility and 2000. I live in DeSoto County, a town named Arcadia. Once I got done with detox no rehab would take me due to the fact that I was from Arcadia. After waiting two weeks in detox new beginnings interviewed me and accepted me into their program. I started out with no money no job nothing. I worked and volunteering my time in the beginning to clear my head and to help with my living costs. I got a job later and started being a productive member of society. Due to my past I had some things hanging over my head, which one was me running from a taxi cab. So after being in the program for eight months I was pulled over for a traffic citation and put in the county jail in a city north of Tampa.

After calling the pastor and letting him know what had happened, he took money out of his own pocket and bonded me out of jail. This is coming from a pastor of the church that barely has known me for a period of eight months. He signed his name and put his own money up to get me out of jail.

After released I went back to the program continued working and migrating back into society. Before coming to the program I grew up in a Catholic church and was raised Christian. Pastor Tom is the first Pastor I got to know on a friend basis and the director of the program. I was never was involved in church I only used to go to church hear the message and leave.

Pastor Tom opened his heart up and his life up to me, there is never a day or month that goes by that I do not think about the love, the unconditional love he has shown me. Yes I am human and I made some mistakes and fell down while I was in Tampa. Pastor Tom has continued to trust and believe in me and when I fell down he held out his hand and pulled me up and put me on my feet and got me going in the right direction.



I am very saddened to hear the news about the New Beginnings of Tampa program. Everyone that is saying bad things or negative things to the program I encourage them to open their house up open their life up to homeless people. It is very easy to point the finger and say someone is a bad person.

The better and the more manly thing to do is to take action and not only rely on new beginnings and new life church to help out people that are less fortunate. What happens to the people like me, the people that are from a different county and cannot get in to the state-funded rehabs?


If it was not for New Beginnings of Tampa, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would be dead right now.


I now live in Arcadia, I have my own pressure washing company (Motivated Pressure Washing). I am a productive member of society I go to meetings and I go to church. New beginnings has taught me that I not only need Jesus and a church in my life but I also need to go to meetings on a daily basis to help me keep what I have. There is no amount of bad words or bad publicity that could make me have an ill feeling for New Beginnings of Tampa or Pastor Tom. Like I said I encourage anyone that has a bad word or a bad feeling for new beginnings to open a house put homeless people inside the house and you watch over it.

I really would like to see them open their lives and their hearts up to a person that is ugly, beaten up and looks like crap. My prayers are with New Beginnings and Pastor Tom will forever be on my heart and my mind as a savior who used Jesus Christ to change my life.

Thank you and if you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Lance Hastings

If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse or hardships. Please contact New Beginnings of Tampa and we will help or get you the help you need.



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