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A Letter to Commissioner Kevin Beckner

New Beginnings of Tampa would like to thank Jim Wujek and the University Square Civic Association for sending a letter of testimony to Hillsborough County commissioner Beckner regarding New Beginnings of Tampa’s good standing in the North Tampa community. (This in regard to Will Hobson and The Tampa Bay Times accusations towards our organization)

We have enjoyed over 15 years of partnership with the University Square Civic Association and we look forward to many more years of being able to share the experiences we have and helping to keep crime down as well as helping those that are disenfranchised.


The letter states on December 3, 2014:university-square-civic-assocoation-letter-to-commissioner-beckner

Good Guys

Mr. Beckner,

To our neighborhood, you are one of the “good guys”, and so is Rev. Tom Atchison. We have worked with Rev. Tom and TPD to put drug dealers in jail (call me at 978-1191 to find out more). He and his clients are conspicuous because they are clean, respectful, and helpful to neighborhood residents.

Rev. Tom and his program have a “genuine” feel to them. We suspect that his efforts are not only “clean” but, quite possibly, exemplary.

Jim Wujek, President


University Square Civic Association
11101 N. 19th Street
Tampa, Florida 33612


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