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A letter of testimony from US Army veteran Lloyd White regarding New Beginnings of Tampa

US-Army-veteran-Lloyd-White-regarding-New-Beginnings-of-TampaDear Pastor Tom Atchison and fellow readers,

I like to get the record straight on a few things concerning New Beginings, My name is Lloyd White u.s. army veteran. I was almost at my wits end one night as I called the veterans hotline. After loosing a small business and home living in and out of hotels I was ready to end it all. That night. The Sheriffs office brought me to a safe place and then the next morning I was directed to this place called New Beginnings. A place where a veteran could get help and comfort. At first I did not like it but the love and warmth soon overcame me.

The staff and fellow vets was so warm and kind the surroundings soon became a place to grow in. At times God needs to shut a door in our life to allow the spirit of God to talk to us and open new doors. He knew I needed a new start in life cause the one I was in was not working.

One day I needed to go to the VA for a back pain ,normally I would have dismissed the thought of going to the hospital. But the VA staff worker insisted I go. I went to the ER and they took simple vitals, to my amazement they found a heart problem, with a simple blood pressure check while waiting for the back doctor. They soon found a vib and v vib,and kept me there for days. They said I had a serious heart disease called cardio myapathy, it required a diphibulator and pace maker to be placed in me. Basically I was dying of heart failure and didn’t know it. But God had a plan for me and he was going to see it through.

When God has a plan for us even we can’t mess it up, he won’t allow us too. Sometimes we have to be in a place to hear him. What I’m saying is if it wasn’t for being placed here at New Beginnings I can only feel that I may not be here today. The influience of the people here helped me to make the right decession to go the hospital. As I said normaly I would not have gone on my own I was to wrapped up in a shear road to Hell.

I can only tell you of the sure success stories of the lives touched by the program here, God has used this place to touch so many, even more for the vets, these men fought on the streets to make it safe, not to sleep on them. New Beganings has taken us off the streets and gave us a home.

My whole life has been changed and I’m a better man for it. I’m growing more each day. It,s not just a program, it has been way of life for me and so many others. I just wanted to thank pastor Tom and the staff here for the hand up in life and chance to be a better man in Christ. I can only pray that this life changing place will be able to continue and grow.

Thanks New Beginnings for a job well done.

Sincerly,LLoyd White

Vet Program , New Beginnings

If you are a veteran in need of help with homelessness, drug recovery or any kind of hardship in Tampa. Please contact New Beginnings of Tampa and we will be glad to help or find the help you need.

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“It’s like a guardian angel is gone” – Pastor Beetel of New Beginnings of Tampa remembers fallen Tampa Police Corporal Mike Roberts

“We can’t say enough good and thank enough about TPD. Literally, they’ve come to our rescue,”


Tampa, Florida – Pastor Beetel doesn’t mince words.

He’s a reformed gang leader who became a man of God, he says.  He’s the kind of man who tells it like it is. It’s when he talks about prayer and life that his voice softens and eyes well with tears.

“It’s like a guardian angel is gone. Every morning they get up, kiss their family goodbye, put on their bullet proof vest and they don’t know if they’re coming home,” says Pastor Beetel, referring to fallen Tampa Police Corporal Mike Roberts

Roberts’ death is a day that changed Pastor Beetel’s neighborhood, in the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa. The pastor runs the New Beginnings of Tampa emergency shelter on Nebraska and East Arctic, just feet away from where, he says, they lost a man they considered one of their own - a friend and protector.

“We can’t say enough good and thank enough about TPD. Literally, they’ve come to our rescue,” the pastor said.

Roberts knew that something wasn’t quite right with the man pushing a grocery cart down Nebraska Avenue one night in August 2009.

Roberts decided to stop. After all, the 11-year veteran knew the dangers of the streets and always took precautions.

His call sign: Lincoln 61. Cpl. Roberts told the dispatcher that he was stopping. It would be the last words he would ever say.

The radio transmission sounded out with Cpl. Roberts’ voice, strong and certain, “Lincoln 61, signal 80 at Nebraska and Arctic.” He had no way of knowing he would lose his life that night.

The man behind the shopping cart, Humberto Delgado, Jr., police say, pulled the trigger. Dispatch can be heard calling out to their fellow officer after a scuffle heard on radio traffic.

Sadly, Corporal Roberts would never answer. What is left behind is the loneliest transmission, silent and slow.

A dispatcher can be heard calling  out, “Lincoln 61, 10-34?  Lincoln 61, 10-34?” 10-34 is the call signal for, “Are you OK?”

Former Mayor Pam Iorio, who was leading the city of Tampa at the time of Roberts’ death, told 10 News, “Mike Roberts was the kind of person who lit up a room, so when he came in the room he kind of took it over by virtue of personality.”

Iorio provided details of the tragic shooting in her new book, saying it was, be far, the most difficult part of her administration.

Mike Roberts was a friend, a son, a father and a husband who leaves behind a wife, Cindy, and a little boy Adam. He was a man just trying to make a difference in Tampa on August 19, 2009.

Jury selection for his accused killer began Monday at the Hillsborough County Courthouse.

Humberto Delgado Jr. is charged with first degree murder.  The trial could last up to three weeks. The judge in the case ended jury selection for the day around 4:00 p.m. and is expected to start again at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

A jury pool of 150 was brought in for the first day.

Original story done by Melanie Michael at Tampa Bay 10 News


TPD Cpl. Mike Roberts

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