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New Beginnings of Tampa Veterans House Fund

Help us help our veterans, donate to our Veterans House Fund.

New Beginnings of Tampa Veterans House Fund Thanks to a generous donation of land by the APEX Foundation, Inc., New Beginnings of Tampa will build with your help, an additional transitional housing home in Lutz. For over 12 years, New Beginnings of Tampa has been serving the Veterans community in the Tampa Bay area.

The Veterans Administration continues to send us veterans with special needs to care for. We try not to turn any veteran away that our in need of our help. Unfortunately, the housing need for veterans is great and the funding to help them is limited.

We need your financial support to build this home for them. New Beginnings has long been committed to the health, safety and welfare of our veterans. With college accredited staff such as Program Director Kevin Stabile, Case Manager Christina Javete, Nurses Anna Allan ARNP, DNP and Elizabeth Rood RN and other certified members, we hire only those who are committed to the excellent treatment of our veterans.

Our certifications with the Department of Labor and the Veteran’s Administration clearly shows our commitment to veteran’s at its highest level.

Housing veterans with dignity is a vital part of reintroducing them back into society. Our fundraising goal of $550,000, will build a beautiful home for our displaced veterans. The home will house 20 veterans and will include all essential case management and therapeutic services.

We can’t do this alone, please help us help our veterans. Donate today to help us build this transitional housing home.

Your generous tax deductible donation to the New Beginnings Veterans House Fund will enable us to continue to help hundreds of veterans that are in need of a place to live with dignity while they transition back into society.

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Safe Haven program for homeless veterans at New Beginnings of Tampa

New Beginnings ‘weathers the storm’

Safe Haven program for will provide funding to house 10 chronically homeless veterans with mental illness and substance abuse issues in a low-demand, nonintrusive environment at New Beginnings of Tampa.


Special Correspondent for The Tampa Tribune
Published: August 19, 2015 Link to Article on

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A letter of testimony from US Army veteran Lloyd White regarding New Beginnings of Tampa

US-Army-veteran-Lloyd-White-regarding-New-Beginnings-of-TampaDear Pastor Tom Atchison and fellow readers,

I like to get the record straight on a few things concerning New Beginings, My name is Lloyd White u.s. army veteran. I was almost at my wits end one night as I called the veterans hotline. After loosing a small business and home living in and out of hotels I was ready to end it all. That night. The Sheriffs office brought me to a safe place and then the next morning I was directed to this place called New Beginnings. A place where a veteran could get help and comfort. At first I did not like it but the love and warmth soon overcame me.

The staff and fellow vets was so warm and kind the surroundings soon became a place to grow in. At times God needs to shut a door in our life to allow the spirit of God to talk to us and open new doors. He knew I needed a new start in life cause the one I was in was not working.

One day I needed to go to the VA for a back pain ,normally I would have dismissed the thought of going to the hospital. But the VA staff worker insisted I go. I went to the ER and they took simple vitals, to my amazement they found a heart problem, with a simple blood pressure check while waiting for the back doctor. They soon found a vib and v vib,and kept me there for days. They said I had a serious heart disease called cardio myapathy, it required a diphibulator and pace maker to be placed in me. Basically I was dying of heart failure and didn’t know it. But God had a plan for me and he was going to see it through.

When God has a plan for us even we can’t mess it up, he won’t allow us too. Sometimes we have to be in a place to hear him. What I’m saying is if it wasn’t for being placed here at New Beginnings I can only feel that I may not be here today. The influience of the people here helped me to make the right decession to go the hospital. As I said normaly I would not have gone on my own I was to wrapped up in a shear road to Hell.

I can only tell you of the sure success stories of the lives touched by the program here, God has used this place to touch so many, even more for the vets, these men fought on the streets to make it safe, not to sleep on them. New Beganings has taken us off the streets and gave us a home.

My whole life has been changed and I’m a better man for it. I’m growing more each day. It,s not just a program, it has been way of life for me and so many others. I just wanted to thank pastor Tom and the staff here for the hand up in life and chance to be a better man in Christ. I can only pray that this life changing place will be able to continue and grow.

Thanks New Beginnings for a job well done.

Sincerly,LLoyd White

Vet Program , New Beginnings

If you are a veteran in need of help with homelessness, drug recovery or any kind of hardship in Tampa. Please contact New Beginnings of Tampa and we will be glad to help or find the help you need.

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“Strings Attached “by Hobson should have been titled “Florida needs more Ex-biker Gang Leaders”


Florida needs more Ex-biker Gang Leaders

A letter to the Tampa Bay Times by Sam Hamontree of Riveriew, FL  


The Tampa Bay Times front page investigation of New Beginnings is an aggressive attempt to stop one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in Florida.  Last month I had the opportunity to meet 10 of the gentlemen from New Beginnings and listen to some of their tragic stories.  All of the gentlemen had been homeless and drug addicts.   They were also previously in public and private rehabilitation centers which all failed to help their recovery despite being in certified facilities, with educated, trained, and qualified professionals.  These rehab centers cost ten of thousands of dollars per individual per stay which are absorbed by the taxpayers and family savings.  The unfair employment and indentured servitude issue is a smoking mirror.  The men are not employees, willing to submit eligible work, project, and welfare income to subsidize their living costs, and can leave at will.


   Prior to Mr Hobson’s three page investigation with information from a former disgruntled worker, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an 18 month investigation with NO charges or findings of criminal wrong doing of Pastor Tim Atchison or New Beginnings.  I am sure Mr Hobson spent more time and resources than the FDLE to uncover how a Pastor on an $ 18,000 income and lavish $800 rent with an ex-biker gang leader and rehab volunteers can run one of the most effective rehab centers in Florida with ZERO cost to the taxpayers.  The most “Dubious Credentials” are Hobson’s investigative skills.  Berean Bible College (which is online) IS based in Missouri and there ARE others in Colorado and California.  (Independently Googled Verified)


     Why did the Tampa Bay Times investigate the New Beginnings to stop one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in Florida?  Was it due to connections to the upcoming $1.6M contract or is it the use of Christianity in their success program?  Don’t misunderstand me; Hobson’s article did uncover wrong doings and financial exploitation*.  Fortunately I have cancelled my subscription to the Tampa Bay Times to prevent further crimes.


Sam Hamontree III

Riverview, FL

*Hamontree’s comment about “wrong doings and financial exploitation” was in reference to Hobson’s investigative reporting and Hamontree’s paid Tampa Bay Times subscription, and NOT intended towards New Beginnings of Tampa.

Hobson has made many false, unfounded, and damaging accusations about New Beginnings of Tampa.  New Beginnings of Tampa is a small non-profit organization and operates on a much smaller financial budget than most organizations. We would like to ensure the public as a small non-profit we are doing our utmost best to have great practices and bookkeeping that is sufficient enough for the most scrutinizing reporter.

Homelessness and drug addiction is a real problem in our country. Please contact us or your local authority to find out how you can help.

New Beginnings of Tampa


A Letter to Commissioner Kevin Beckner

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New Beginnings for vets in need


New Beginnings of Tampa helps veterans.

Thanks to Fox13 Tampa Bay for doing such a wonderful job covering the issues concerning veterans.


TAMPA (FOX 13) -

This Veterans Day marks a new beginning for Andrew Grant. The military service member has struggled with addiction and homelessness for years.

He accepted help through a transitional program five months ago — a move that changed his life.

“I have been in Tampa and out of that 20 years I had a place to live maybe four months,” said Grant who said he once slept under bridges and in abandoned houses.

“This time last year, I was actually on crack cocaine. Now I’m not. This Veterans Day is my way of honoring my family because they honor me by serving.”

Grant served meals to the homeless on Veterans Day, as part of a volunteer service through his transitional housing program, New Beginnings.

Director Kevin Stabile says the program connects veterans with resources and services.

“A lot of these vets don’t know. There is a lot out there they can receive if they just ask,” Stabile said. “This is one of the places in Tampa Bay,

they can ask.”

Veteran Brian Kachelman says he began receiving help two months ago.

“From 1998 until now, I didn’t realize I had anything,” said Kachelman, who served in the Army from 1995 to 1998. “All of a sudden, this door opened up for me. I got health benefits, dental benefits and mental health coming to help. The sky is the limit now, thanks to the program here showing us what we can do.”

For Kachelman, one of the biggest adjustments came with the return to civilian life. He says he used alcohol to cope.

“You don’t have that structure. Structure is gone. You’re left to your own devices,” says Kachleman. “That’s when for me,

I start feeling overwhelmed, trying to latch on to whatever I could to fill that void.”

The same was true for 57-year-old Veteran Ralph Price, who served in the U.S. Army from 1973 to 1977. He described drugs and alcohol as his “relief valve.”

He called New Beginnings, a new opportunity. He has continued to improve for two years.

“Throughout my ups and downs of substance abuse, it is real bad when you reach a low point and you don’t care. You start believing that no one else cares,” said Price.

“I thank God there are people that do care. They helped me learn to care.”

For more information on resources and services available to veterans, visit:


Original story –  Posted: Nov 11, 2013 9:25 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 06, 2014 9:25 PM EST

By: Shayla Reaves, FOX 13 News

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Former homeless veterans volunteer at New Beginnings of Tampa on Thanksgiving

We are so blessed to have really good veterans like Darrel Wood and Shane Kirschner who help us give back to the community. Thanks to ABC Action News Carson Chambers for spotlighting how these gentlemen are paying it forward.



Darrel Woods volunteering at New Beginnings of Tampa Thanksgiving 2014

Story done by Carson Chambers of ABC Action News on November 27, 2014

Read the original story:

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